Product Development

O.T.B. Technologies opens a door for individuals that have “Outside The Box” ideas but have little to no expertise or financing. O.T.B. Technologies will share its expertise with these individuals in a manor that streamlines ideas into tangible products that are usable and profitable to all participating parties. O.T.B. gives these individuals an opening for future earnings with no out of pocket expense. The new ideas and products will be patented (at O.T.B. expense) and protected under patent law.

O.T.B has hundreds of personal contacts across a variety of industries in many countries. Therefore all patents will be sold to the organization which presents the best opportunities for the patent holders.

If the economy is such that the patent(s) is not sold, OTB may, at its option in collaboration with the inventor, manufacture and market the device. 

OTB Technologies, Inc is involved with a variey of products, at various stages of development. Here is a list of some of our endeavors.


“OTB-TASC” provides a true visual picture of surface cleanliness.

WFT Strips

A quantifiable field test method for determining wet film thickness of coatings on most substrates.

Hand Held Sponge Holiday Detection Kit

An attachment for low voltage holiday testing for steel

The Concrete Profiler (TCP) and TCP Deluxe

The easiest way to make a lasting impression of concrete surfaces.

Access Arms

“ACCESS ARMS” allow the user to walk-thru onto a surface without having to climb around the ladder. This provides the user “grab” points and allows the user to maintain three(3) points of contact during the transition.

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