Randy Glover


Mr. Glover is the owner of the Utah-based Consulting firm regarding surface preparation, coatings, specifications, standards selection, and up-to-date inspection equipment.  

Mr. Glover is an active member of ASTM, ICRI and AAMP

O.T.B. Technologies, LLC.


“Innovation Brought to Market”

O.T.B. Technologies LLC is a leader in new innovative marketable products.


The necessity to bring new ideas and their resultant products to market, outside conventional business practices, required O.T.B. Technologies LLC to incorporate in February 2003. Within one week of incorporation the first patent application was submitted to the US patent office. A commercially available Amine Blush Check (ABC) test kit was produced (first in the world) and thereafter sold to a company in England. In the following five months 6 more patents had been submitted with over a dozen more products in research and development.

The paint surface preparation industry, especially the organizations that govern the standards for surface preparation, have ignored or have not fully understood certain facets of surface preparation. Consequently, there are big gaps in quality control and quality assurance during surface preparation. O.T.B. Technologies will fill these gaps with new state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Another function of O.T.B. Technologies is to open a door to individuals that have “Outside The Box” ideas and thinking. O.T.B. Technologies will share its expertise with these individuals in a manor that streamlines ideas into tangible products that are usable and profitable to all participating parties.

O.T.B has hundreds of personal contacts across a variety of industries.


The President and Owner, Mr. Randy Glover, Tooele Utah, brings many years of commercial and industrial business experience to the company. Mr. Glover is a member of AMPP (The Association for Materials Protection and Performance), International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI)) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). Mr. Glover is a AAMP Certified Coating Inspector, Certified Concrete Coating Inspector and Instructor. (C-11).   

Where I've Been

Randy has traveled the world consulting in construction material surfaces and coatings. Click Here to view a map of his travels

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