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Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Coating Consulting and Inspection

Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Coating Consulting and Inspection

scrubber view In March, 2008 OTB contracted with American Electric Power, Columbus, Ohio, to provide consulting and coating inspection on a concrete, 430 ft. by 300 ft., hyperbolic cooling tower. This was to be the first concrete coated cooling tower in the western hemisphere. The coating was needed to protect the concrete tower from exposure to sulfuric acid. The outage was scheduled for 9 weeks but removing the debris from the basin of the tower was to take 1 ½ weeks, which left about 7 ½ weeks to erect, prep, coat and dismantle the rigging.

The rigging included 18-30 ft. long hanging swing stages that dropped from the top rim of the tower to the 130 ft. level. From the basin floor 5-135ft. man lifts were used to access the remaining surfaces. Ten 5000psi pressure washers with spinner nozzles were used to clean and prep the surfaces. A 100‰ solids epoxy primer was spray applied and trowel overcoated with a 100‰ solids epoxy fill material. A top coat of 100‰ glass filled epoxy was then spray applied.

The project was successfully completed ahead of schedule and under our contract budget.

Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Photos